Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pet show valentine party

During the week or week before Valentines, I like to do my pets unit.  We learn about all the kinds of animals we might have aas pets and about caring for them.  We pretend to be veteranarians, and pet store owners, we add to our class made books by illustrating what kind of pet we would like to be.  Sooo much fun.  We sort dog food, from cat food, and different size dog treats.  The best part of the week is the last day, when we all come to class dressed as a pet.  This day is special because it is our valentine party.  We play all day and after a valentine exchange, we have a pet show.  Each different pet (aka student) does some pet tricks and each pet recieves a Best show ribbon for what ever they have done.   It is always a huge success and adds a little spice to the usual Valentine party.
The new thing this year was the bags we made to put our valentine goodies in:  I usually use a valentine man on the bag but this year I designed a cat or dog bag for the children to make. 
The original valentine man was from  http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/holiday-seasonal-crafts/valentines-day-crafts-cards-gifts-decorations/
 Crazy Card Carrier
 The idea for the dog and cat came from that and some valentine coloring pictures another teacher had.
The cat requires two large hearts.  One is for the head and one is for the body.  Then you need two smaller hearts for the years and 2 pink hearts a size down from that for the inside of the ears.
You also need 2 pink hearts the same size as the original ears for the paws.
1 more pink heart makes a nose.  Large google eyes were used for the eyes
For the dog it requires two large hearts for the head and body,  You need one heart a couple of sizes smaller and cut in half for the ears. 
2 smaller hearts for paws and then one a little smaller than the paws for the nose. 
I pre-made all the heart on the cricut except the head and body.  The children could look at my example but choose how they wanted to put their bag together. 

                                                  Very cute and we will do this from now on.