Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring time fun

There is so much fun learning to do in the spring time. We spent a week learning about the weather changes, and nature changes that occur during the springtime.  We learned about spring colors and how to make pastle colors by adding white to red, blue, yellow, green.   The children always think mixing paint to make a new color is fun.  We used sponge mops to make the paint part of this art collage.  After all was dry, we let them add some more to their picture to make a beautiful spring garden.

 We have been having a great time swatting bugs with letters, numbers, and pictures for letter sounds on the back.  I put velcro on the fly swat and the other half on the bug. 
We also have been checking out our patterning abilities by using colored sticker dots to create patterns. 

One of my favorite learning activities in spring is teaching them about ants and insects in general.
We use what we learned about insects to do a special math project.  We learned that when you have x ants and x ants it makes x ants in all.  Addition!!!!!  I let the children roll the dice and make finger prints on their pre-drawn ant tunnels (they draw the tunnels before the math begins) Each insect has 3 body parts.  We count together so they don't lose track of the bugs they are making.  They roll the dice again for the second number.  After all the ants are made we count them all and write our numbers on our paper.  The children love the finished result. 

Another fun math activity is pattern caterpillars.  We used green construction paper for leaf and sticker dots for garage sales for our patterns

 There are so many great books to go along with spring time learning.  Check out Eric Carle for many great bug and spring books.