Friday, November 19, 2010

5 things I love about my job

I love my job because 1. I get to play all day 2. I have a captive audience (well when I do fun stuff) 3. I get to teach about God 4. because 4 and 5 year old children have not developed sensors on what to say 5. because the kids think I am special ( won't be so good when they begin to say OH NO I DON'T WANT THAT MEAN TEACHER)  Fortunately, that has not happened yet, at least that I know of. 
I decided to add a 6th because the last couple of weeks have been rich in messages.  I love my job because every morning before work we meet either as a team or school for prayer or devotion time.  The devotions have been awesome, and the bonding time though brief with my team is priceless.  How many jobs can you go to work and hear Gods word, or start your day openly in prayer.

Friday, November 12, 2010

5 things I love about my job

I love the routine of going to work and the routine of my little classroom. I love the fact the children like the routine and let me know when I have changed course.  I love it when the children say "uhhh I am tired of doing all this work".  I love the many hugs I get. I love all the things our school provides to help make my job so fun and easy.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Letter Fun for letter Nn

We did alot of Letter Nn things like string noodles for necklaces, and finding letter Nns in the news paper this week.   The children in my classroom are becoming excellent letter detectives. We have a detective sheet every week, but this week I handed them a small piece of the newspaper. They had to find 5 letter Nns

 Every week we are letter detectives and trace letters that we place on the wall. I usually place 4-5 copies all around the room. We use pointers, fly swatters with a window cut out, and sometimes clearance drink stir sticks. Anything I can find that I think would make a good letter detective tools I buy and keep a good collection of tracers.   That is my favorite time filler. They finish snack and trace the letter of the week until it is time to go to the next activity.  It's a time filler---transition--- a way to learn and play and keep moving (probably the most important part for preschool children)
My team has a share an idea time at the beginning of our year and we make and take activities that we like to use in our class.  One of the ladies had a new letter detective idea which is so easy and cool.  We took file folders and opened them up and wrote random upper and lower case letters or stamped them all over the inside on both sides of the manilla file folder.  You can put several of each letter so you can use which every letter of the week you choose to do the spying.  We made little spy glasses by curving the end of a pipe cleaner to make a circle to use like a looking glass.  I have not used mine much but what a great idea.  Inexpensive and very easy. 
I also like the letter detective where you have an alphabet row, and cover a few letters up randomly on the poster or whatever you use for your alphabet.  The children have to spy what letters are missing.

Friday, November 5, 2010

5 thinga I love about my job

This week I love the examples of compassion that bring you to tears, the smiles and the cheery hellos, the shy little children that break out of the shyness every so often, the colorful activities showing up in the halls at the end of the day, the laughter of teachers.  I work in the best place to be for sharing and caring.

Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and such

Our Bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made by a most loving God.  We have learned how special our bodies are and how they work.  We have learned how to take care our bodies b eating healthy, exercise and how doctors and nurses and dentists help us stay healthy.  The problem is I have gathered ytooooo many ideas.  Here are a few things we did and a couple of great things we did not have time for:
 We have been talking about healthy foods and exercise keeping our bodies healthy.  We  looked at and painted with all sorts of fruits and vegetables. A great Bible example would be Daniel eating healthy foods in the book of Daniel chapter 1: vs. 3-20.
 We made skeletons out of q tips and a set of teeth out of marshmallows.  I got the skeleton idea off a a favorite website, but can't remember which one, and a friend gave me the teeth idea.  We also had a dentist table with plaster egg carton shaped teeth and play dough scrapers, and tooth brushes.  I would color little cavities and plaque on their teeth with a washable marker and they had to get them off.   A great dentist experiment is to use a boiled egg and soak the shell in cola or coffee and then let the children use tooth paste to clean it off.  Works great,  You can also leave the egg soaking for several days and the cola will begin dissolving the shell which shows how it is so bad for your teeth enamel.                                                                                                        
Our last day is germ day and we will put glitter in a balloon and blow the balloon up and pop it to show how your sneeze spreads. We also made cover your sneeze puppets by tracing a hand, gluing tissue to it and stapling it to our paper plate that we have drawn our face on.  Only have my teacher example for pictures this week.  Thanks Mrs. Wendy for making this crazy puppet!

The best part of the week was two moms that are nurses came.  One talked to us about healthy bodies and nurses.  The other shared about germs and brought a black light and soap that showed if you did not get it all washed off under the black light.  Get those germs away!!!!! WASH WASH WASH!!!!  We  cleaned the home living  center, we pretended to be doctors and nurses caring for our baby dolls. 
A great science experiment for germs is to show how germs spread and bacteria grows.  We did not do this because we ran out of time this year, but it is GROSS to see when we have done it.  I take 2 pieces of white bread and put one in a paper bag labeled clean and the other we rubbed on the floor and on the chair and just had a kid rub their hand on it.  We bag that one in a bag labeled dirty.  When I have done the experiment I put the bags up and we check them in about a week to see that the dirty piece has grown many disgusting bacterias.  The clean one will have bacteria to, just because bread does mold but nothing like the dirty piece.  I have read that you can also use potato slices, but have never tried that.  VISUALS ARE SO IMPORTANT, 
Fun and very important week.  .Favorite resource this week was a book about muscles that one of my moms got at the half price book store and gave to me.  IT WAS COOL!  Title: YOU CAN'T MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT YOUR MUSCLES   We also used the beginning sight word booklet I Can Move from .