Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Valentine.......

A few years ago I ran across a Valentine rhyming book for the kids to make for a valentine gift for parents or just for a valentine book.  I have used it for many years now, and have no idea where I originally saw it. 
The title page is This Valentine
Each page there after says p. 1 - This valentine is red and small
                                          p. 2 - This valentine is the BIGGEST OF ALL!
                                                    I have the children trace a big heart shape and cut out for this page
                                          p. 3 - This valentine is glittered and glued
                                          p. 4 - This valentine is shiney and blue
                                                              We are skipping this page and putting page 3 right before  page 7.                            
                                                                       I had planned to use eagle brand milk and blue food color to paint
                                                                       the heart, but I usually use a shiny blue paper and have them glue pieces
                                                                       on the heart.  (to many snow days have cancelled this page :()
                                          p. 5 - This valentine is covered in ribbon and lace
                                          p. 6 - This one has a Funny Face!
                                          p. 7 - Ths Valentine is made just for you,  and it says "I LOVE YOU"

Obiviously each page is decorated by the child.  I have made the words for each page in different fonts to make the book.  The children enjoy it as well as the parents.  I do many things and am attracted to ideas that create books just for the great literacy connection they make. 

also, I  wanted to share a really fun Valentine book that I have use since I found it at the Half Price book store a few years ago.