Sunday, August 21, 2011

A New year ahead

Well, long time no post.  I have been on a REAL break from preschool for the first time in so many years.  It was a good break but I am ready to roll again with a new group of special little friends to add to my heart full of so many little friends from the past.  My husband and I went on a New England cruise and believe it or not the last night on the cruise ship I ran into one of my past students.  She was going in the 7th grade.  Wow, it just shows that preschool teachers tend to make a lasting impression.  That brings me to how important it is for the children in our classes to feel love, acceptance and especially to know they are safe as they leave Mommy at home for the first time in their little lives.  I teach PreK but work at a school that has Babies through TK. 
Back from teaching conference I am on my mad rush to write my lesson plans through November since I have a daughter getting married  at the end of October.  New great websites and ideas from the conference will tweek my old lesson plans. 
I look forward to sharing another year on my blog.